Our Youth

We guide our children into a faithful, loving and joyful relationship with God. We join their families and our church community in offering our children shelter, nurture and spiritual fellowship, empowering them to live according to God’s purpose.

We rejoice, trusting that the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit will be reflected in their lives. Through music and movement; word and art; play and worship; service, Scripture and sacrament; we lead our children to discover the truth in our faith story.

Children's Ministry

Lorna March, Director

Wednesday Schedule:

3:50PM Cherub Choir (4 years old through 1st Grade)

4:20PM Youth Choir (2nd through 8th Grades)

5:00PM Kid’s Club

  • (Ends at 6:30PM for 3-Years/Pre-K)
  • (Ends at 6:50PM for K – 4th graders)
  • When area schools are cancelled due to weather, then youth groups are also cancelled.

Youth Ministry

Helmi Olson, Director

Wednesday Schedule:

6:00PM – 7:30PM Senior High Youth Group (9th – 12th Grades)

3:30PM – 5:00PM 5th & 6th Grade Youth Group

5:30PM – 7:00PM 7th & 8th Grade Youth Group

7:00PM Senior High Bible Study (9th – 12th Grades)

  • When area schools are cancelled due to weather, then youth groups are also cancelled.

All children ages 3 years (must be potty trained) through 4th Grade are invited to come every Wednesday for a dinner, music, Bible stories and activities, outdoor games and snacks.

If children cannot come for dinner, they can join us in the sanctuary at 5:25PM. Kid’s Club includes 3 year olds who will also be in small groups with older preschoolers and enjoy curriculum geared especially for them.

Kid’s Club (3-Years/Pre-K) will end at 6:30PM. If parents have older children in Kid’s Club, supervision will be provided for these younger ones until Kid’s Club ends at 6:50PM.

Senior High Pizza Lunch

  • Tuesday, January 14th
  • 11:30AM - 1:00PM

(There will not be a pizza lunch in December.)

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